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  • Rank Grades

    of the Armed Forces

    Since the establishment of the United Federation, all Personnel and Staff of the Armed Forces are assigned a Rank Grade within the Chain of Command. Since the year of 2004, the Chain of Command has been separated into Space and Marine ranks to allow growth of our personnel. Typically a person's Rank Grade is a reflection of their Service Record based on conduct, tenure, training, quality of work, quantity of work, interaction, leadership, experience, appointment of assignment and election to office. When a person meets the qualifications, their Superior Officer will issue a promotion in rank to reward their service to the United Federation. Upon election of a person to the Office of the President, the Rank Grade of "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces" shall be assigned to the President per order of the Chiefs of Staff of the United Federation. However at the sole digression of the President, the Executive Ranks of "Vice President", "Secretary of Office" and "Admiral of the Armed Forces" shall be ordered upon confirmation. As a honor to our Personnel and Staff who have retired or become veterans, they shall retain their honorary Rank Grade for excellent service.

  • Executive Staff

    President of the United Federation
    Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

    Vice President of the United Federation
    Vice President.png

    Secretary of Office of the United Federation

    Admiral of the Armed Forces
    Admiral of the Armed Forces.png


    Space Insignia / Marine Insignia 

  • Flag Officers

    Fleet%20Admiral.png Fleet Admiral

    Admiral.png Admiral

    Vice%20Admiral.png Vice Admiral

    Rear%20Admiral.png Rear Admiral

    Commodore.png Commodore

  • Duty Officers

    Duty Admiral.png Duty Admiral

    Duty Vice%20Admiral.png Duty Vice Admiral

    Duty Rear%20Admiral.png Duty Rear Admiral

    Duty Commodore.png Duty Commodore

    Centry.png Centry

    Vice Centry.png Vice Centry

  • Officers

    Fleet Captain.png Fleet Captain

    Captain.png Captain

    Commaner.png Commander

    Lieutenant Commander.png Lieutenant Commander

    Lieutenant.png Lieutenant

    Lieutenant Junior Grade.png Lieutenant Junior Grade

    Ensign.png Ensign

    Ensign Junior.png Ensign Junior Grade

  • Petty Officers

    Master Chief Petty Officer.png Master Chief Petty Officer

    Senior Chief Petty Officer.png Senior Chief Petty Officer

    Chief Petty Officer.png Chief Petty Officer

    Petty Officer 1st Class.png Petty Officer 1st Class

    Petty Officer 2nd Class.png Petty Officer 2nd Class

    Petty Officer 3rd Class.png Petty Officer 3rd Class

    Apprentice 1st Class.png Apprentice 1st Class

    Apprentice 2nd Class.png Apprentice 2nd Class

  • Enlisted & Civilians

    Enlisted.png Enlisted

    Civilian.png Civilian

  • Flag Officers

    Field%20General.png Field General

    General.png General

    Lieutenant%20General.png Lieutenant General

    Major%20AGeneral.png Major General

    Brigadier%20General.png Brigadier General

  • Duty Officers

    Duty General.png Duty General

    Duty Vice%20General.png Duty Lieutenant General

    Duty Major General.png Duty Major General

    Brigadier General.png Duty Brigadier General

    Brigade Commander.png Brigade Commander

    Battalion Commander.png Battalion Commander

  • Officers

    Fleet Colonel.png Fleet Colonel

    Colonel.png Colonel

    Lieutenant%20Colonel.png Lieutenant Colonel

    Major.png Major

    Marine Captain.png Marine Captain

    First%20Lieutenant.png First Lieutenant

    Second%20Lieutenant.png Second Lieutenant

    Sub%20Lieutenant.png Sub Lieutenant

  • Petty Officers

    Sergeant Major.png Sergeant Major

    Master Sergeant.png Master Sergeant

    Gunnery Sergeant.png Gunnery Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant.png Staff Sergeant

    Sergeant.png Sergeant

    Corporal.png Corporal

    Private First Class.png Private First Class

    Private.png Private

  • Enlisted & Civilians

    Enlisted.png Enlisted

    Civilian.png Civilian

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  • Executive Staff

    Chiefs of Staff
    Flag Officer.png

    Command Staff

    Department of Defense

    Department of State

    Department of Operations

    Veteran Officers

    Retired Officers


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