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    United Federation

    Holiday Schedule 2017

    To our Members, Allies & People of the United Federation, We will be Observing the Christmas Holiday and New Year's Holiday based on the Holiday Schedule 2017. On the dates of December 24, December 25, December 31 and January 1, the Armed Forces, Department Staff and Civilians of the United Federation and shall be granted a Holiday Leave. As necessary, select Staff shall remain On-Call per Order of the President. Operations of the United Federation will resume to Normal Status the day after the Observed Holiday. On behalf of the United Federation, we wish you Happy Holidays! Signed,
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    Holiday Schedule 2017

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    United Federation

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all of our Members, Allies, Enlisted, Petty Officers & Officers, Sincerely,
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    Anybody notice anything.... different!?

    Anybody notice anything.... different!?
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