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TeamSpeak 3 Upgrade to v3.0.13.8

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United Federation



Good evening Visitors, Allies, Personnel & Staff,


An upgrade for our TeamSpeak 3 Server v3.0.13.8 has been completed by the Office of Technology. This version is a maintenance release and corrects bugs, which addresses the stability of permissions.


TeamSpeak 3 Server

Version, Released July 19, 2017



Key Changes

  • Server Query connections now have a combined maximum buffer size. When this limit is exceeded, the connection using the most memory is closed. The buffer size is controlled by the command line variable "query_buffer_mb". The default is 20, which means the maximum amount of buffered data is 20 megabyte. The minimum is 1 megabyte. Make sure to only enter positive integer numbers here.
  • Connecting to the server query port, now counts as 1 command, with regard to flood protection.
  • Fix client able to connect with no nickname


If you have any concerns, feedback or questions, please contact our Technology Staff.


Thank you,


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